‚ÄčThe magic of sound,
A MAGICAL science.

‚Äč‚ÄčA rare and unique sharing to discover with the divine sound lights, lumidivsoun‚Äčd.
‚ÄčAll official quality creations are marked with the logo lumid‚Äčivsound, ‚Äčproduction all rights reserved.

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‚ÄčA technology with a unique science


‚Äč‚ÄčDivine sound light is a magic used since the dawn of time by the great builders to art and musical interpretations. Lumidivsound ‚Äčworks to share a unique work that allows everyone to make use of it beyond what they think they know.

‚ÄčCurrently lumidivsound ‚Äčworks in partenariat ‚Äčwith people from all cultures and nations without judgement with deep and rare values. Other projects will be available in time. This first one has been available for several years with updates.

‚ÄčLumidivsound ‚Äčsymbolises the perfection of all things through its actions and sound productions.
Numerous projects are underway to introduce authors of today and yesterday.

Currently a first project is available. It was not intended to be distributed to the general public. However, this tool, which is still rare, has been distributed for several years for its particular usefulness for everyone.

The creations proposed by lumidivsound are created in the form of music or sound waves that respect living beings and life as a whole.

You can discover this work and contribute to support the fruit of a rare work by click here.

‚ÄčCultivation and practice

‚ÄčThe tools available

‚ÄčSince a few years, several projects are underway of music, magic waves as well as useful tools.
You currently have the possibility to use les projets en co‚Äč‚Äčurs ‚Äčwhich will evolve over time. 

‚ÄčTranslation available for vimeo.com videos in French, English.
‚ÄčAll languages available for automatic subtitling on Youtu‚Äč‚Äčbe.com
‚ÄčTranslation of documents provided in English, Spanish, Portugu√™s, Italiano, Deutsch, Russian.

‚ÄčBy e-mail

‚ÄčYou can write to me by e-mail for any personal information request or any partnership request useful for humanity and beyond.


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